Marco Pütz is a writer for video games from Berlin. Besides writing scripts and dialogues he helps to create coherent worlds with all their themes, backstories and characters. He’s a bit ambiguous about established narrative structures and eager to explore new options in the (always advancing) field of interactive storytelling. Last but not least Marco doesn’t just write for video games but also about them – approaching them from a cultural, social, political or even economical angle.

It’s not that his master’s degree in German Literature and Philosophy (Freie Universität Berlin) plays the most important part for his everyday life as a writer, yet it did provide him with skills in methodical work as well as an essential understanding for the diversity of stories.

Speaking of stories, Marco’s passion for (story driven) games reaches back to the late 80s when Ron Gilbert allowed him to reveal an alien conspiracy and – some years later – to become a mighty pirate. For the first time he had the ludicrous idea that he could write video game stories himself, though it took some many years to put the idea into action.

Long story short: Marco’s professional career as a game writer started in 2009. Since then he had the pleasure of working on several games for a couple of companies. Across genres and platforms. Here are some of his references at a glance.

Marco is always glad to exchange and share experiences about designing narratives with other people whether they’re veterans of the industry or interested newbies. So please contact him not only if you consider working with him but also if you’d just like to chat about games over a cup of coffee. He appreciates both.